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About me.

Why and when did you decide to start filming your rides?

I was hit on my bike by a car. I called the police and they told me with no evidence there was nothing they could do so I decided to protect myself.

How do your family and friends feel about the publicity you receive, for example you have been labelled the most hated UK Cyclist?

My family are very supportive and agree that the roads need to made safer. Not just for cyclists but for everyone. Being called names doesn't bother me at all. In fact you should hear what the wife calls me when I forget to put the bins out! 


How do your work colleagues feel about your traffic filming?

My colleagues agree that the roads need to be made safer but are less sympathetic towards cyclists. As bus drivers in central London we see a lot of poor cycling too, but unfortunately I can not film this.

Do you feel you have the support of the police?

The police are very supportive. They will work with any information about a crime however small. We are constantly in discussions of ways to improve the procedures

Have you ever met drivers you have filmed at a later date?

I met up with one driver, on a programme called Angry Britain on channel 5. It was arranged for him to come out on a ride with me to see the road from a cyclist's perspective. By the end of our ride he was enjoying catching bad drivers as much as me!

How many years have you been a cyclists?

14 years.

Do you feel that in general conditions for cyclists have deteriorated in recent years? If so, how?

yes they have deteriorated. I think this is down to several factors but mainly drivers using their mobile phones and speeding. There is a lack of awareness towards cyclists, we are seen as an obstacle holding people up rather than someone who has just as much right to use the road as a car or a horse-rider. Because of this mentality drivers do not allow cyclists enough room. 

Can you give details of the cams you use plus your general setup?

I use 3 GoPro cameras. Two are mounted on my bike, forward and rear facing. The third is mounted on my helmet and captures my point of view.

Can we have details of the bikes you ride?

I have a Mekk road bike for my commute and a specialized rockhopper comp for fun!

What software do you use for editing your videos?

Windows Movie Maker

What would you recommend for a budget cam setup for our readers?

I would not suggest that people go out to catch bad drivers. However if you want to film your journeys to protect yourself I would recommend a helmet mounted camera (POV) and a rear facing camera as minimum. The camera would need to be of a good enough quality to read the car registrations. I would also recommend anyone cycling out on the road to make sure they have hi-vis clothing on, if you are filming it would be worth displaying this fact. 

What would you recommend for a mid to high spec cam setup for our readers?

I would suggest a third camera mounted forward facing and possibly an additional microphone in case of any road rage incidents. 

I have enclosed some links for examples of careless/reckless/dangerous driving.

I am also interested in reviewing other cameras if anyone is interested in contacting me I can be reached through this email address or twitter https://twitter.com/Sueperb2











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